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RemoteBox: Virtual Team Building Game

Remote team building game created for teams that love exploring innovative and creative solutions for hanging out, playing, and learning.

  • From 6 to 50 participants
  • Challenging games
  • Choose Your Length & Game Type

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Teams Love Virtual Team Building

Rok Upelj
Rok Upelj
COO, Movalyse
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RemoteBox Team Building has been very innovative and, above all, a fun work experience, and I'm simply excited about the performance. We had the opportunity to connect with our colleagues in a completely different way than we were used to so far and the result was wonderful - smiling faces and a new, fun experience that I would recommend to any team.
Miha Kovač
Miha Kovač
CEO, Movalyse
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Team building in a little simpler and a little better way. Without unnecessary tools and other covers made on remote, extra fun. It really should be a try, team building doesn't have to last all day, you don't need special gadgets just a fantastic team to guide you and a really original program. Great!
Urška Stanovnik
Urška Stanovnik
Happiness Manager, Optiweb
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It was great, fun. I would definitely recommend RemoteBox.

Why your Team will love Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building is a series of fun activities with a clearly defined goal. It challenges, tests, and entertains remote teams using escape room mechanics, treasure hunt excitement, and home environment comfort.

Awesome Games

From Remote Escape Room game and one of a kind Virtual Treasure Hunt to a series of wacky cooking challenges without cooing and so much more.

A fun Memory

With a little imagination, every one of you can turn into Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones for one night, And best of all, we will capture everything for you.

The Ultimate Team Challenge

This Office Olympics Competition will be a long time Team favourite. Which Team will be the one to take the Throne and the Glory?

The Office Olympics

RemoteBox: Office Olympics is a series of team building events at a distance. You will face challenges in which all the characters will need to show a good measure of team spirit, creativity and knowledge to reach the top of Olympus.

Remote Cook-off

Well how the heck can this game be played Remote? Well, we have a special and secret surprise for you. You will not need a stove or campfire, but it will smell good. We promise.

Remote Treasure Hunt & Escape Room

To go on a Virtual Treasure Hunt might sound like a wacky idea, but the feedback we get from our participants are just amazing. How about Remote Escape Room Game? You up for the challenge?

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Get a FREE taste of RemoteBox. Send us an email and we'll be happy to challenge you and your team.